New Zealand Trip - Part 2

After spending nice days at Mt. Cook, that day I let my brother to sat behind the wheel. We traveled to Wanaka via Twizel, Omarama, and Lindis. Like a trip to Mt. Cook, the scenery during the trip looks amazing. Actually I was tired enough back then, maybe because the tramping the day before (plus that morning I went back to the viewpoint). However I can not just sleep and miss the scenery on the trip.

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New Zealand Trip - part 1

It all started from a wedding photography project in Auckland that took me to explore the "bottom of the world", an experience that seems difficult to forget because we do the entire journey by driving RV/motor home, which is not common in my country (Indonesia). Departing with Malaysia Airlines via Kuala Lumpur, I landed in Auckland after 10 hours of travel.

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