Karang Songsong Beach - Southern Banten Coastline

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I went to Songsong Karang Beach to take some landscape photograph. The beach itself is located in Cibobos Village, Lebak, Banten. Unlike its neighbor Sawarna Beach, which has started to become a tourist destination, Karang Songsong Beach is still rarely visited. Dominated by big waves hitting the large rocks that stick out from the sea, this beach is a potential alternative for landscape photography destination.
The southern coast of Banten isn't too far from Jakarta (about 4 hours by car), but still rarely explored, possibly due to poor and damaged road access. But in recent years there has been a fairly comprehensive construction on the road so access is way more faster and easier now.

Anyer & Labuan Trip - Day 2

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The weather was getting worse on the second day. Initially, I plan to return to Laguna Beach. Hoping that the weather will get better. But since ature being nature, I have to switch to the second plan to take pictures around Anyer. Because I thought it will be useless going to Laguna Beach in this kind of weather.
To make things worse, the rain did not seem to want to stop. And it seems that I need a little extra patience to be able to shot at least one image.

Anyer & Labuan Trip - Day 1

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Eid holiday session has arrived and I made the most of it by going out to take some landscape photo. To avoid congestion, I went to Anyer and Labuan area. Although they are within the same direction with Merak port, I did not find any significant traffic during the trip.

I stayed for 2 days in Anyer. I went to Laguna Beach in Labuan on the fist day to photograph sunset, which I documented my trip with video journal above. Please enjoy!