Watu Lumbung Beach - Jogja Trip (October 2017)

Watu Lumbung Beach is a beach with cliffs and sharp rocks located in the southern coast of Yogyakarta province. I came there without any expectations, considering the trip was done at the end of the year which is obviously a rainy season. But after the trip was done, the results that I got were not too bad actually.

Bali's Twin Waterfalls - Bali Trip (September 2017)

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I returned to Bali for a job. As usual, the weather in the western coastal area was (again) being  unfriendly. The sky was overcast since the day before. And I was forced to go to waterfall during the day, lucky enough the weather in northern Bali was quite nice.

Bali Trip (August 2017) - Day 2

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After the previous day I went to Yeh Leh Beach, this time I took pictures at Kanto Lampo Waterfall and Tukad Cepung Waterfall. The cloudy weather forced me to change my plans from going the beach at catch sunrise and sunset to shoot waterfalls during the day, since the waterfall is still relatively doable even when the light isn't perfect.

Bali Trip (August 2017) - Day 1

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For me, off-the-cuff trip sometimes is twice as fun as the one that we planned carefully. Started from a last minute pre wedding project in Bali, I decided to extend for 2 days to go to some places that I really wanted to visit to do some landscape photography.