Biei, Hokkaido, 2018

Biei, Hokkaido, 2018

Hello. My name is Tirta Winata, a photographer based in Jakarta.

I adore simplicity & minimalism. My approach in photography is to focus on the main elements and present only the essentials. That's why I like to treat my photography as a means of "personal meditation", since those things usually lead me into some kind of freedom and solitude. And in the end, I realized that the important thing isn't merely a matter of visuals, but also what I feel when making my works. Which then encapsulated entirely as an image.

My goal is always to explore more, create more, and learn more about photography as a form of art. Aside from that, I also take assignments from various clients.

It will be a pleasure for me if we can get in touch. You can send me email to tirta@tirtawinata.com or simply fill out the form on the contact page. Thank You.