Biei, Hokkaido, 2018

Biei, Hokkaido, 2018

Hello! my name is Tirta Winata, a photographer based in Jakarta.

My own refined interpretation of the beauty that has been provided by nature. That is the meaning of fine art landscape photography for me. I truly enjoy it, because landscape photography is what brings me deeper into the world of art. And I love the whole creative process that should be done in order to express my vision into an artwork. From an idea inside my head, the journey to beautiful places, the process of taking pictures, editing, and finally printing my own images. Those things bring immense satisfaction to me.

I truly enjoy being outside taking pictures, when my day job's project requires me to go somewhere, I usually stay for a few more days after I completed the project to produce landscape images. Recently, I decided to tell the stories about my trips into travel journals that can be watched on my YouTube channel.

My next goal is to explore more, capture more, print more, and learn more in photography as a form of art. Publishing books is also my biggest desire that I want to realize soon.

It will be a pleasure for me if we can get in touch. You can send me email to tirta@tirtawinata.com or simply fill out the form on the contact page. Thank You.